The path to ultimate health begins with an inward journey
Scan your body for health with the EIS scanner! With the EIS scanner you can ‘see’ inside your own body.

The EIS (Electro Interstitial Scanner) scans your body in 2 minutes. It measures the composition of the fluid that covers each and every cell in your body. It will also reveal which organs are chronically stressed, congested or inflamed.

You can monitor the following:
Cardiovascular health. Sudden deaths may be caused by previously unsuspected cardiovascular disease. The EIS scanner can detect abnormalities and alert one to possible problems. A complete medical history will also be taken to identify risk factors.

Alkalinity or Acidity of the body fluid. You cannot accurately determine pH with litmus paper on the tongue. An acidic body will not perform optimally and it needs to be corrected with diet and nutrition.

Lactic Acid Residue. Especially important for those who partake in regular workouts because as our bodies perform strenuous exercise, we breathe faster as we attempt to shuttle more oxygen to our working muscles. Some exercise such as lifting heavy weights require energy production faster than our bodies can adequately deliver oxygen, and lactate starts to form. This will increase the acidity of the muscle cell and disrupt metabolic pathways that provide energy production. The EIS scanner will monitor lactic acid and compare previous readings, showing progress (or not) with training and nutritional changes.


A Comprehensive Body Health Scan in only 2 minutes!
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Mineral status. With our modern lifestyle we can very easily become deficient in important minerals, and they need to be monitored regularly. The minerals which can be monitored are magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, chlorine.

Body composition. The scan can accurately determine muscle mass, fat mass and total body water. It can also tell you if the water is IN the cell (intracellular) or OUTSIDE the cell (extracellular).

Insulin and blood sugar levels. These are ‘vital signs’. The rise in type 2 diabetes is rising every year and even more alarmingly affecting younger people. Once considered a problem for the over 50’s, type 2 diabetes has been seen in early teens.

The EIS scan can detect any deficiencies and monitor levels on an ongoing basis.

Thymus and immune system. Our systems struggle when dealing with stress, over training and modern life. Monitoring the thymus gland and its activity, provides an indicator and allows a correction plan to be put into place.

Hormonal system analyses. Chronic stress can cause depletion of our stress hormones and have a severe knock-on effect on the hormonal system. It is important to detect these tendencies early and start remedial action as soon as possible.

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